Kid’s Sewing – The Little Moo Mini Patterns

Often it feels like there’s a few really big  divides in the sewing world: quilting, children’s clothes, adult clothes and bag makers. Sometimes there’s overlap, but its less common than I thought it would be. It was only last year that I was pushed out my sewing comfort zone of children’s clothes and play accessories, into the world of adult clothing and bag making.

Fast forward to present day, and I’m a guest tester for Little Moo Designs, mostly, I think, because of my (bag making) inexperience! I’m there to make sure the patterns aimed at beginners are suited to them 😉

Last week Kylie, the creative genius behind Little Moo, released two new patterns aimed at getting kids behind the sewing machine (fully supervised of course!).

photo credit LMD

The Chibi Bag and the Tiny Treasures Pouch (Photo: Little Moo Designs)

Enter my 5yo*, Olivia, who has been keen to start sewing for quite some time now. I’ve been the reluctant one!! I decided to try The Chibi Bag, which looked fairly simple. ‘Chibi’ is the Japanese term for tiny, small, little. The ‘Chibi’ Bags are exactly this, small and adorable!

While I was willing to let Liv have a go at my machine, I wasn’t going to let her go wild with either my rotary cutter or scissors, so I took care of cutting the fabric and fusing the interfacing and fleece on.

Liv was very happy to clip the fabric pieces together (2 x main and 2 x lining), then I unplugged the foot pedal on my machine (Janome DC4030), slowed the speed right down and breathed down her neck while she guided the fabric and used the stop/start button to sew.

sewing the chibi bag

sewing the lining

kids sewing

Liv is VERY proud of her creation and takes it everywhere, I do the same with my bags, so I guess I can’t blame her!!

If you are looking for something fun and easy to help introduce a child to the wonderful world of sewing, this is the perfect pattern!!

For the next level of experience, give the Tiny Treasures Pouch, with it’s zip top, a try 🙂

Proud Bag Queen

Proud Bag Queen 😉

Tiny Trasures Pouch LMD

Tiny Treasures Pouch (Photo: Little Moo Designs)

*These patterns are recommended for ages 8+. If you do choose to sew with a younger child, I HIGHLY advise breaking the sewing component into two sessions for your child’s enjoyment and your own sanity!!

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