Trying a new pattern and sewing a strikeoff…

If you don’t know much about the custom knit world, beware! It’s like dropping down Alice’s rabbit hole! Beautiful knit fabrics with so many lovely designs… somewhere, in someone’s custom knit group, you’ll find EXACTLY what you’re after!!

Last week the lovely Jennifer from Jennilea Designs sent me a fat half of beautiful cotton\lycra penguin fabric to turn into something amazing.Crystal Penguins cotton lycra from Jennilea Designs

In my quest to not buy any patterns this year (Fail! I’ve bought one) I stared at my computer screen for far longer than I’ll admit, printed off three different options, none of which would fit on that amount fabric before remembering a pattern I bought during it’s release 12 months ago then ignored (a fate many of my patterns suffer).

Enter the Wild and Free Lounge Pants from Coffee and Thread. Though many applique options are offered, unfortunately a penguin wasn’t one of them, so I needed to improvise 🙂Penguin Wild and Free Lounge Pants

I scoured google for the perfect penguin head, then printed it out a couple of times to get the perfect size compared to the pattern piece width. Of course I din’t have any white for the eyes, so I used the white boarder of a kids knit panel (Frozen in this case) 😉 I found some old vilene in a draw and traced the eyes and head onto them. A quick press with a hot iron before I trimmed them to size. I ironed the eyes onto the head, then the head onto the upper leg piece. I used a slightly longer than usual straight stitch to sew them to the cotton lycra (about 2.6 on my machine I think).
The beak was made by sewing two triangles of yellow together on two sides, then turning.

I used sewline erasable marker to mark the edge of my pockets for stitching, so much easier than guessing and quick to remove!!

erasing my sewline marker

The instruction on the lounge pants are very clear and easy to follow. The pattern offers 3 different views, 2 different pockets and a pocket free option. It has layers(yay!) and thie pattern pieces fit well together. Keep in mind it is a slim fit, so size up in width if the recipient has chubby legs.

Penguin pants!! View A wild and free lounge pants

I think the solid black on the lower half of the legs really helps with the penguin illusion.

Wild and free lounge pants with View B pockets

back view! Penguins <3

Penguin wild and free lounge pants - pattern by Coffee and Thread

Don’t forget, if you’d like to get you hands on this lovely fabric,
visit the Jennilea Designs  store to preorder now!!
Also available: polar bears, fun fantasy, floral deer, dream catchers and starry rainbows!

Penguin Wild and Free Lounge Pants - Pattern by Coffee and Thread

Happy Sewing!!

6 thoughts on “Trying a new pattern and sewing a strikeoff…

  1. I LOVE these. I bought this pattern a few months ago and haven’t attempted yet. Saving for colder weather, I guess. But now I’m inspired again to look closer at my stash and see what I have. By the way, I can’t imagine a year without buying patterns!!!!


    • Yes, make them!! My girls love these, I need to make more so they stop fighting over whose turn it is 😂
      It has been so HARD!! I’ve actually won a number of patterns which has been fab, but so far I’ve only paid for 1, and I’m glad I did because I’ve made four of it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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