Lunch Bag for my FYOS-er

It’s Liv’s first year of school (FYOS) this year and we are both really EXCITED!! No, seriously! I’m a bit sad that only Naughty will be rocking mum-made at preschool, so I’m making what I can for Liv now πŸ˜‰


We’ve been so lucky, at preschool the kids have a fridge to store their morning tea and lunch in and an esky for drink bottles. Unfortunately at school their bags sit outside on the veranda and we’re at the hot, pointy end of summer now, so she needs something to keep her food cool.

Enter, her new lunchbox.

Aha! I can use my newΒ waterproofed fabric!!

lunch bag fabric stack

Insulbrite : Food safe PUL : Odicoat-ed fabric

I’ve learnt all my bag making skills from Kylie, the wonder-woman behind Little Moo Designs. Apparently I’m feeling confident enough to wing this project without a pattern, from the skills learnt through her instructions…

Basically, I measured the fancy new bento style lunch box from woolies and decided a boxed edge bag would be perfect.
It’s made from 3 layers, my waterproofed outer, Insulbrite and lined with food safe PUL.

Curtiepie insulated lunch bag

It’s HUGE!! I can fit two bottles of wine in here easy πŸ˜‰Β 

(Please note, I did make a practice version is some seriously ugly fabric that I’m not going to show you. Lets just say it was a success)

I added 2 interior pockets for the ice bricks. The top closes with velcro and it has handles so it’s easy to carry.

Curtiepie insulated lunch bag


Curtiepie insulated lunch bag

Boxed corner knowledge courtesy of Little Moo patterns


Sooooo, what do you think????

Luckily, the kid is happy and has been demonstrating her new bag ALL DAY!!


Kel x

2 thoughts on “Lunch Bag for my FYOS-er

  1. Its beautiful. I plan to make a beachbag using odicoat. Was looking for inspiration, and saw your post. Love it. Lucky girl who gets homemade stuff as brilliant as that. Lets see how i do. πŸ™‚

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