New year…. New sewing projects!!

After a not so relaxing Christmas holiday, I’ve been more than ready to get back in the sewing room, add to that multiple 40C days and that my sewing room has aircon = bliss!!

While I was away, I took part in a few online boxing day sales, because every likes cheaper fabric, am I right?! (There’s only one right answer!) This pretty cotton is from The Fabric Pixie.

While I was shopping, I also bought a couple of jars of Odicoat from Voodoo Rabbit. It’s a kind of waterproofing fabric glue and it sounded interesting. The YouTube videos that I watched all said (or showed in the case of the many German videos) it came with an applicator, but mine didn’t so I picked up a few supplies at the local hardware 😉
The paint scraper is actually really important! As the glue dries, if there are any blobs on there, they dry hard and are pretty obvious which kind of ruins the effect.

Odicoat essential supplies ;)

My hardware supplies. I didn’t end up using the larger brush in the end 😉

All of the clips I watched showed small pieces of fabric, but I wasn’t 100% sure of my intended product, so i used about 17″ x WOF. My protective surface was an old cutting mat and I moved the fabric as needed.

I did 3 layers, allowing 1 hour between each coat as directed on the label before leaving it for 24 hours. I wasn’t sure what the iron setting should be, so I turned the steam off and left it on the cotton setting before ironing between two pieces of grease proof paper. Prior to ironing the fabric was a little rough, but afterwards it was lovely and smooth.
It’s not quite as plasticky as oilcloth which is nice, sort of lightly waxed?

Anyway, the original drape of the fabric is now lost, but it’s water resistant so far. The label says it can be washed in up to 30C, though I’m not sure how long the coating will last with too many washes

There’s a bit of a smell to the fabric at the moment, I’m hopeful that will fade with some airing.

See my next post to see what I ended up using my Odicoat-ed fabric for!!

Kel x

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