Themed School Disco

= an opportunity too good to pass up when it comes to making costumes!

Curtiepie Themed School Disco

Miraculous and Owlette = BFF

Luckily, I’d already bought Liv the Owlette leotard from Applegail back in Febuary for her birthday, so she only needed tights and some gloves!

Curtiepie Themed School Disco


Curtiepie Themed School Disco

We decided on Miraculous for Eleanor and with minimal time before the disco, I ordered fabric from the always fabulous Kristie at Boo Designs.  I used Metallic Red for Liv and Metallic Ladybug Spot for Eleanor. I also emailed Kristie (naughty, I know!) and BEGGED her to send it as soon as possible. Amazingly, it arrived on Monday afternoon and I cut straight into it.

Curtiepie Themed School Disco


I used the Boo Designs Sleeved Leotard with short sleeves for the leo and the Boo Pins for leggings. Gloves are from Zuzzy Patterns and the mask was self designed 🙂

The fabrics were perfect for the intended use and were a dream to sew using my Babylock Overlocker and Coverstitch.

I can safely say, the girls looked AMAZING! and I foresee plenty of use for these dressups 😉

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*I did size up the leos and tights as these are intended for dress-ups and I HOPE they last a while!
**no affiliates used, just direct links to the fabrics and patterns to save you time

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