Hello One Thimble 19

Well hello there OT 19 😉

OT19cover collage

Check out all the cool patterns!!

You might be able to tell by now, I’m a huge One Thimble fan, and I’m super excited to join in on another Blog tour, celebrating the release of One Thimble 19!

If you’re an avid reader of OT, you may have noticed that I submitted an article on creating felt makeup sets in the last edition. I was super excited to be included!! For this tour, I’ve sewn up the Ainslee Fox Alfie Sweat Pants and also included some of my tester photos from two other included patterns.

Now, you may not know it but the designer behind Ainslee Fox patterns is also the brainchild behind One Thimble! Jen is a VERY clever clogs!!

So, first, the Alfie Sweat Pants…

One Thimble 19 Alfie sweat pants

They cover sizes 3 – 12 and are suitable for a confident beginner, mainly because they use knit. But, I think even if you’ve never sewn with knit before, as long as you use the recommended materials, you make these with no problems 😉

I made these using some navy/bronze french terry sweat I bought from Zebra Fabrics back in 2016 (I went through my account info to find the fabric name lol #hoarder!) and Persian blue ribbing from Wicked Fabrics.
Now, the pattern does specifically mention ribbing for the cuffs and waistband, so if you don’t have any (quite understandable) then definitely increase the size of your cuff pieces. I did ask Jen and she suggested to start at 90% of your opening size and adjust from there if needed.

These were quick to sew. I went with Option A, basic sweat with welt pocket detail.

One Thimble 19 Alfie sweat pants


Jen has used very clear instructions, or, if you are a visual learner, you can watch her on YouTube 🙂

There are also options for knee panels, side panels and folded pockets. Perfect for the strange off cuts you can end up with.

alfie sweats tech sketch

Alfie Line Sketch – Look at these options!

The Playtime Dress…

How cool does this Sew By Pattern Pieces Playtime dress look? It’s completely perfect for large knit panels like this gorgeous adult panel from Bubby and Me!

SBPP Playtime dress

The pockets are HUGE! and quite unique I think, excellent for storing lots of fun things in to surprise whoever does the washing!! I love the sleeve options too, perfect for our upcoming cold winter in Australia. It includes two dress lengths, I’ve chosen the longer option and the bound pockets for this dress.
As with all of Lauren’s patterns, the drafting is spot on and the instructions are clear and very easy to follow. Get those funky fabrics that you’ve been hoarding out, you’ll need to make at least 1 of these!

And finally, the Pinky Promise Bag.

This little beauty is from Little Moo Designs.

LMD Pinky Promise bag

Stay tuned for another post about this one, I actually tried paper piecing for the first time the morning my final bag was due!! Yes, I am crazy, but I’ll share my pictures with you anyway. 😆

This bag is a gorgeous size for everyone, perfectly suited to tweens or wannabe tweens like my girls 😉 The strap length is completely customisable and the front flap just begs for some statement fabric!

I skipped the hardware because I just didn’t have any on hand, but I’m very pleased with the results and I’d probably not bother with at all if I’m honest.


I know the early bird offer is over, but if you still need convincing to buy OT, then take at peek at the rest of the blog tour! I am LOVING their creations!
Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget to share your creations in the One Thimble Facebook group and feel free to join the Ainslee FoxSew by Pattern Pieces and Little Moo Designs Facebook groups too 🙂


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