Sewing Knit Basics with Thread Faction

It was literally just last week that I shared one of my latest knit sewing projects and someone commented “I’ve never sewn knits before, is it hard?” My answer was, of course: “NO WAY, get yourself some knit fabric and jump right in!!!”
I mean, that’s the way I learnt, so I bet everybody does that, right?! Turns out, not so much…

Thread Faction #123 Tank and Pants set

Trust the rainbow-unicorn-butterfly-kitten, knits are easy!!

Knits can be scary, absolutely! What you aren’t always told is that there are definitely certain types of stretch fabric that make you want to burn your sewing machine(s) and hide in the cupboard for weeks – I’m talking about you, horrible, slinky, polyester knit that I bought from Spotty on clearance years ago for garment testing!! My favourite stretch fabric is a good cotton lycra: comfy on the skin, mostly easy to sew and it looks fab 😉

Thread Faction #123

Check out this set I made from an amazing The Material Girl Australia project panel!!

Liz from Thread Faction has been busier than usual and has released some YouTube videos to guide you through the process of sew her newest pattern, the #123 Girl’s Tank and Pants set (also available on Etsy). To be honest though, watching the bonus videos will get you started sewing almost any knit pattern if you are a beginner 🙂

Here’s me, wearing the kids headphones to listen to YouTube 🤣

Her first episode in the Thread Faction Sewn series sees her sewing her new pattern in under 10 minutes, if only we could all be that fast!! If you’re a visual learner, then this video will make you happy, Liz speeds through all the sewing and we get to see the finished results made from some beautiful The Material Girl Australia cotton lycra project panel.

Thread Faction #123
Haha, 10 minutes Mum? You wish!!

There was a couple of moments where I was all “Ooh, a beginner won’t know what you’re talking about Liz!!”, then I watched the shorter, bonus episodes and she explained in more detail. These cover how to sew bindings, elastics, bands and seams.

TF #123 pants
😍 The stripes don’t match but that topstitching is perfection!!

Now, I sew all my knits on my overlocker and I topstitch on my coverstitch machine. The beauty about Liz’s videos? She does it all on her trusty Janome sewing machine, which just goes to show that you definitely don’t need anything fancy to start using knit fabric! The only thing I DO recommend is buying some proper stretch fabric needles for your machine!!

TF #123 pants
Wide leg bands and a hidden elastic waist, the #123 pattern is super comfy!

So, my final words… Don’t be scared of sewing stretch fabrics, especially with someone as clever as Liz to teach you the basics in the comfort of your own home.

Thread Faction #123
All the heart eyes!!
Gorgeous fabric + a great pattern = sewing fun!!

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* I was a pattern tester for Liz’s new #123 pattern and received both the final pattern and the Project Panel free of charge.

**All views expressed are my own and links will take you directly to the source I have used. I do NOT use affiliate links and receive no payment when you visit outside sites from this blog 🙂 

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