Turning flat sheets into fitted!

Last week I had a look around an opshop a couple of hours away and found some fun Disney princess doona covers and a Cinderella flat sheet. I rarely put flat sheets on the girl’s beds, they always end up scrunched down to the end of the mattress each morning, so I almost didn’t buy it. In the end, I decided I’d see how hard it was to turn a flat sheet into a fitted sheet.

1 x flat sheet

Answer: pretty easy 🙂

I used the first result from google, which luckily included a link to a nifty little calculator that did most of the hard work for me!!
These instructions by Irene Valle of SergerPepper were perfect and very easy to follow.

Cut squares out of corners. I french seamed these for extra strength

3 step zigzag the elastic to the sheet. I ended up using what i had on hand which was 8mm elastic. The instructions suggested narrower, but his worked fine 🙂
Elastic attached, raw edge overlocked. Time to fold the half inch hem and top stitch.
Result! She likes more than just princesses 😉
The french seamed corner, not quite on the corner as my sheet was a tiny bit short. Still fits the mattress though 😉

I now have a very nice fitted single sheet, with plans to covert the rest in my linen cupboard!!

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