Trying a new pattern and sewing a strikeoff…

If you don’t know much about the custom knit world, beware! It’s like dropping down Alice’s rabbit hole! Beautiful knit fabrics with so many lovely designs… somewhere, in someone’s custom knit group, you’ll find EXACTLY what you’re after!!

Last week the lovely Jennifer from Jennilea Designs sent me a fat half of beautiful cotton\lycra penguin fabric to turn into something amazing.Crystal Penguins cotton lycra from Jennilea Designs

In my quest to not buy any patterns this year (Fail! I’ve bought one) I stared at my computer screen for far longer than I’ll admit, printed off three different options, none of which would fit on that amount fabric before remembering a pattern I bought during it’s release 12 months ago then ignored (a fate many of my patterns suffer).

Enter the Wild and Free Lounge Pants from Coffee and Thread. Though many applique options are offered, unfortunately a penguin wasn’t one of them, so I needed to improvise 🙂Penguin Wild and Free Lounge Pants

I scoured google for the perfect penguin head, then printed it out a couple of times to get the perfect size compared to the pattern piece width. Of course I din’t have any white for the eyes, so I used the white boarder of a kids knit panel (Frozen in this case) 😉 I found some old vilene in a draw and traced the eyes and head onto them. A quick press with a hot iron before I trimmed them to size. I ironed the eyes onto the head, then the head onto the upper leg piece. I used a slightly longer than usual straight stitch to sew them to the cotton lycra (about 2.6 on my machine I think).
The beak was made by sewing two triangles of yellow together on two sides, then turning.

I used sewline erasable marker to mark the edge of my pockets for stitching, so much easier than guessing and quick to remove!!

erasing my sewline marker

The instruction on the lounge pants are very clear and easy to follow. The pattern offers 3 different views, 2 different pockets and a pocket free option. It has layers(yay!) and thie pattern pieces fit well together. Keep in mind it is a slim fit, so size up in width if the recipient has chubby legs.

Penguin pants!! View A wild and free lounge pants

I think the solid black on the lower half of the legs really helps with the penguin illusion.

Wild and free lounge pants with View B pockets

back view! Penguins <3

Penguin wild and free lounge pants - pattern by Coffee and Thread

Don’t forget, if you’d like to get you hands on this lovely fabric,
visit the Jennilea Designs  store to preorder now!!
Also available: polar bears, fun fantasy, floral deer, dream catchers and starry rainbows!

Penguin Wild and Free Lounge Pants - Pattern by Coffee and Thread

Happy Sewing!!

Pattern Hack – Add a ruffle front to the Tadah Troop shirt!!

Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of the Tadah Troop Shirt.  Its the perfect pattern to make gorgeous Campdraft and Rodeo shirts for kids.

What’s so good about it? Well, not all PDF patterns are created equally, but this one is a winner.

  • Sizes 0000 – 16!! (3 separate patterns, Baby, Kids and Teen)
  • Uncluttered pattern pieces that join where they are meant to
  • Clear and easy to follow instructions
  • Size/measurement chart
  • A0 print file for large format printing (I use Officeworks)
  • Unisex

It works beautifully for both genders, but sometimes it’s nice to add a ruffle front, for extra WOW! factor. Here’s how…
(This works for the romper version too)


Cut your pattern pieces in the appropriate size. Take your front shirt piece and fold the straight edge under 2 5/8″.


Edge folded to the back of the pattern piece by 2 5/8″

Cut your front mirrored pattern piece, then measure the length of the straight edge. Cut 2 pieces of fabric the length of the front pattern piece x 2¾” wide (eg. for size 4 my placket pieces measured 16¼”x 2¾”). These will be your front plackets.
You will also need two 1″ wide strips of interfacing the length of your placket.
For the ruffles, cut two pieces 3″ x WOF (width of fabric).
You may need to cut more fabric lengths and join them to create ruffles in larger sizes.

Fold the fabric placket in half and press. Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the placket so that there is a 3/8″ between the edge of the fabric and the interfacing. Press the fabric towards the interfacing. Sew the right side of the placket to the wrong side of your shirt front using a 3/8″ seam allowance.


Shirt front and placket.

Sew the ruffle to the same seam, I tend to use a 1/4″ seam allowance for this part. You can either sew the ruffle all the way down the front or you can curve the edge of your ruffle towards the seam at the bottom to reduce bulk in the hem.


Attach the ruffle


Ruffle attached


Curve the bottom edge of the ruffle to reduce bulk while hemming.

Press the seam towards the placket then fold the placket to the front of the shirt and pin in place (the placket should be 1″ wide). Top stitch using a 1/8″ seam down both sides of the placket (do the open edge first).


Sew the placket over the ruffle


Edgestitch with a 1/8″ seam

Finish the shirt as instructed 🙂

If you try this, let me know how it goes for you!!


RUFFLES!! Thanks ruffle foot 😉


Size 4 Troop shirt, the hem was very bulky with the ruffle! Next time I’ll curve the ruffle near the bottom as seen on the romper below


Troop Romper

PS. If you’re in Australia and don’t feel like making your own, feel free to contact me via my Curtiepie Facebook page to order one 😉

The Poppy Dress

New Year’s Resolution #1: DON’T BUY PDF PATTERNS (no matter how good the sale) ALL YEAR!!! (or at least until thanksgiving/boxing day sales)

Today = FAIL!!

Last week Bubby and Me Creations released the beautiful Poppy Dress and I was immediately in LUST!! (I’ve already got a few skater style knit dress patterns on my USB drive, including my favourite Little Miss Ruby Tuesday Dress by 1 Puddle Lane.) But the Poppy Dress looks remarkable similar to my favourite adult pattern, the Hey June Charleston Dress. I love princess seams and really wanted a matchy mum+daughter pattern, so the Poppy pattern was perfect!


Of course, remembering my resolution, I tried not to get the pattern, and lasted until today (4 days) but managed to miss the release sale price, damn! Still, I’m glad I bought it!

The details:-

Sizes 1-10

Clear instructions

Computer generated pattern pieces


Lots of options – long, short or sleeveless, shoulder ruffe, faux seam piping and two skirt options

Uses a 1 cm (3/8″) seam allowance (not my favourite for knit patterns because I only use my over locker where possible)

Princess seams


Liv’s dress is made with Deadly Cute cotton/lycra by Dark Matter Fabric knit.
She asked for long sleeves for winter.

Eleanor’s dress is made with mini rainbow stars cotton lycra knit from Jennilea Designs, with the faux piping in the same rainbow stripe as Liv’s.


Perfect for twirling!!

It’s safe to say, they LOVE their new dresses!!!

Kid’s Sewing – The Little Moo Mini Patterns

Often it feels like there’s a few really big  divides in the sewing world: quilting, children’s clothes, adult clothes and bag makers. Sometimes there’s overlap, but its less common than I thought it would be. It was only last year that I was pushed out my sewing comfort zone of children’s clothes and play accessories, into the world of adult clothing and bag making.

Fast forward to present day, and I’m a guest tester for Little Moo Designs, mostly, I think, because of my (bag making) inexperience! I’m there to make sure the patterns aimed at beginners are suited to them 😉

Last week Kylie, the creative genius behind Little Moo, released two new patterns aimed at getting kids behind the sewing machine (fully supervised of course!).

photo credit LMD

The Chibi Bag and the Tiny Treasures Pouch (Photo: Little Moo Designs)

Enter my 5yo*, Olivia, who has been keen to start sewing for quite some time now. I’ve been the reluctant one!! I decided to try The Chibi Bag, which looked fairly simple. ‘Chibi’ is the Japanese term for tiny, small, little. The ‘Chibi’ Bags are exactly this, small and adorable!

While I was willing to let Liv have a go at my machine, I wasn’t going to let her go wild with either my rotary cutter or scissors, so I took care of cutting the fabric and fusing the interfacing and fleece on.

Liv was very happy to clip the fabric pieces together (2 x main and 2 x lining), then I unplugged the foot pedal on my machine (Janome DC4030), slowed the speed right down and breathed down her neck while she guided the fabric and used the stop/start button to sew.

sewing the chibi bag

sewing the lining

kids sewing

Liv is VERY proud of her creation and takes it everywhere, I do the same with my bags, so I guess I can’t blame her!!

If you are looking for something fun and easy to help introduce a child to the wonderful world of sewing, this is the perfect pattern!!

For the next level of experience, give the Tiny Treasures Pouch, with it’s zip top, a try 🙂

Proud Bag Queen

Proud Bag Queen 😉

Tiny Trasures Pouch LMD

Tiny Treasures Pouch (Photo: Little Moo Designs)

*These patterns are recommended for ages 8+. If you do choose to sew with a younger child, I HIGHLY advise breaking the sewing component into two sessions for your child’s enjoyment and your own sanity!!

Little Kiwis Closet Straight Skirt

Let me set the scene for you…
Friday morning, a little after 8 am, I was still in bed (gasp) scrolling through FB and there was a chance to win a free pattern!! All I had to do was be the first to sew up the new Straight Skirt pattern from Little Kiwis Closet and post a picture in the group!
Well, luck was on my side! The skirt took me about 20 minutes total to make, including making toast for the girl’s breakfast, and I was able to grab a free pattern – woohoo!!

This was the same day I decided it was time to start a blog and I jumped at the chance to join the Little Kiwis Closet Straight Skirt Blog Tour.

The important parts:

  1. IT’S FREE – yep absolutely!! Join the Little Kiwis Closet facebook group for the code.
  2. It’s fast, like, super speedy!!
  3. It’s easy! If you haven’t sewn with knit fabric before, this is the perfect starter pattern.
  4. It has a fabulous size range,  12m – 14!!
  5. It has options!! Two skirt lengths, two waist band options, two ways to hem and two pocket options – or no pockets at all! (see line drawing below)

line drawings

The watermelon skirt, paired with a LKC Peekaboo Pocket Hoodie, is below knee length, pocket free with a knit waist band. This outfit is perfect for layering on cool autumn days.

The watermelon fabric is cotton lycra, as are the rainbow bands on the hoodie. The yellow bird fabric is I think a cotton interlock from Spotlight, though I may be wrong.

Believe it or not, the skirt below is the same size as above, in the shorter length! Again no pockets and a knit waist band. This short length is a fun option for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere or will look fab with tights and boots in cold weather.
The palace pets cotton lycra was from Wicked Fabrics, one of my fave online shops.

Now you may be wondering why LKC is offering such a fabulous free pattern? Simple, they are celebrating 5000 FB likers!! Congratulations Little Kiwis Closet!!
Why not visit the LKC Blog for your chance to win a pattern from each of these fabulous PDF designers!!


Thanks so much for stopping by, I can’t wait to see more Straight Skirts in action.

For more Straight Skirt inspiration, feel free to stop by the other bloggers on tour 🙂

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Woohoo by Davina

Hello, welcome…

Oh wow!!
I’ve been thinking about blogging for a little while now, and have finally decided give it a go.
I can’t wait to share my sewing and craft projects here, perhaps provide inspiration for other makers.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and I look forward to sharing my first project soon!!
Kel x